My escapades with Pratham Tarang, being inspired.

At times, my Pratham Tarang behaves like a sulking partner. If I show signs of obsessiveness while trying to play a near impossible gamak, it sulks and teases me. While playing the melodious song Mohe Panghat Pe, Kirit Bhatt – a music lover in the audience – wondered aloud how I was able to coax a meend from this obstinate instrument. My immediate response was: … More My escapades with Pratham Tarang, being inspired.

Dilemma of ageing

My first blog now appears to be a bunch of homilies and sermons that you can mock at. Interestingly, I found that the advancing age does seem to give me a license to dish out such homilies, citing the number of Diwalis that I have lived through. Sometimes I can’t help falling into this trap … More Dilemma of ageing

Master of my destiny

Wamnrao Pai, the great thinker, caught my imagination with his declaration: “You are the architect of your destiny” (“Tooch aahey tuza jeevanaachya shilpakaar”). Couple this with another mantra from my spiritual guru, Saint Narayan Bapu: “Work is superior to worshipping God”. How can one master one’s own destiny? How do you reconcile to the innumerable … More Master of my destiny