Master of my destiny

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Wamnrao Pai, the great thinker, caught my imagination with his declaration: “You are the architect of your destiny” (“Tooch aahey tuza jeevanaachya shilpakaar”).

Couple this with another mantra from my spiritual guru, Saint Narayan Bapu: “Work is superior to worshipping God”.

How can one master one’s own destiny?

How do you reconcile to the innumerable instances of things not going your way?

Add Sri Krishna’s immortal message on “Karma” and you have a potent weapon to deal with any eventuality in life.

First, you have to be clear as to what you want to achieve. There is no dearth of goals and at times it gets confusing – which goals should you pursue? Be conscious of your own in-born strengths and build on them.

Then some careful planning.

Disregard petty failures, make corrections, have a vision and live that vision every moment of your existence.

Living that vision is the key.

My musings, my music and more will attempt to elaborate on some of these ideas.

4 thoughts on “Master of my destiny

  1. Zig Ziegler has the following about destiny.
    Sow words and reap action.
    Sow actions and reap habits.
    Sow habits and reap a character.
    Sow character and reap destiny.
    Indeed everyone is a master of their own destiny. It must all begin with a word though. A word to yourself and word perhaps not in an audible form but a thought or thoughts without which nothing seems to happen, After which it seems to be a matter of focus and perseverance. Problem arise when we seems to need some affirmation(s) of our actions, Some sort of approval of our efforts, deeds, achievements even looks. Affirmations and approval however do not come easily and hence the disappointment, frustrations, doubts, anger and eventually loss of senses. Loss of focus, habits, character and destiny.
    Everyone knows who they are. it is the need for “becoming” that seems to get in the way. It is like to be in your dream car and be stuck in traffic. Nobody notices the car nor the driver and we, in our car are seething with anxiety and anger while forgetting that we ARE in our dream car and the traffic is providing an opportunity to be in our car longer!
    Everyone has a destiny. Just need to just focus and persevere until it is realised, if it is realised. The path is a combination of realised portion of the destiny and evolving destiny and making the course corrections as and when needed, I feel. And then again as someone said “it is easier said than done”. As one great poet said it; (forgot the name) “the great play goes on and I may contribute a verse”.

    1. Very well. Just want to differ on the 5th line from the last
      “Everyone has a destiny..”
      I say everyone can create his own destiny. Destiny in the classical form connotes something ‘predetermined by some entity – God or whoever’ but I say no one else predetermines what I am going to be. With care, perseverance, and an honest evaluation of my own strengths and weakness I CAN choose a goal and the path will evolve

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