An ode to my beloved Ranju

[ઊર્મિકાવ્ય – રંજના ની યાદમાં]


My recurring dream every night
It is the drench time again
Your honey voice singing
“Come home my love
The dark clouds 
have conspired again,
It’s time to go for a drive
together one more time”.


I leap out of the bed
Groping my way in the night
Through flashes of lightning
Leading to nowhere
Run, run through the dark night 
She is there somewhere
The dark night is over
The sun rises.


There I see her at 
The lovely rainbow
In the morning 
The earthy smell in the damp air
Look! Footsteps all the way
To the rainbow
Bye my love, she said
Across the sky 
The enigmatic smile
Waving the dream away


Now you belong to
The kingdom of angels,
To the rainbow and beyond
To the cuddly clouds 
To that mysterious heaven
Where there is no pain,
No tears, only eternal bliss
But close to my heart, soon
I long to be there with you 
Seated next to you
Driving around in the buggy
Singing melodies unheard.

11 thoughts on “An ode to my beloved Ranju

  1. Very touching Rajen. I can now imagine how difficult it must be for you to drive without Ranjana sitting next to you. And how comforting to note that both your daughters track you online real time when you do so.

  2. As I have met Ranjana ji and you , she was a great soul and a human being. one could feel while talking to her.
    it is empowering that you have moved on in a positive way and sharing your creative talent of writing and music .
    I wish you the best in all aspects. take care .

  3. Rajendra Naik
    M Kavita shah
    It wasn’t a poetry at all.. how can I say it “Urmi kavya”.. it is pure emotions..
    N simply i love it
    As U wished i read it N thanks for sharing an Awesome emotional urmi kavy!!

  4. Your emotions touch the core of heart . I’m sure Ranjana ji must be feeling so touched and happy to have a husband who remembers her with so much emotions after she’s gone.
    But as they say, our dear ones never leave us…they are always by our side. Watching us ,protecting us, loving us.
    Thanks for sharing this emotional expression . Loved it.

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