A Facebook Story

The college canteen, usually abuzz with teenagers, looked a bit deserted today. Sure, the smell of fried samosas was still wafting from the kitchen. But Madhavi, the vivacious, rich girl wasn’t particularly happy. The boring lecturer wore that hideous tight pair of jeans and the jokes that he tried to pass off gave a license … More A Facebook Story

હવે આ ઉંમરે?

હવે આ ઉંમરે? બોલિવૂડ નું એક જૂનું ગીત યાદ આવી ગયું गुजरिआ कटती जाए रे उमरिया घटती जाए रे काम कठन है जीवन थोड़ा काम कठन है रे काम कठन है जीवन थोड़ा पगला मन घबराये આ ગીત માં બેશક દર્દ છે, વાસ્તવિકતા છે જો કે વધતી ઉમર સાથે એવું જરૂરી નથી કે માણસ ની … More હવે આ ઉંમરે?

Ichharam Bapu

He sat on the podium, Smiling benignly, with a fixed smile on his face.   Gazing directly In the direction where, The pious ladies patiently sat, Thirsty for the smile that only a male can throw.   After all, the only attention They got was at night after night, in the dark, from their insatiable, … More Ichharam Bapu