CONFESSION – A short story

“I have a confession to make, Sarah”
Sarah’s eyes didn’t hide her expectations of some revelation.
“Oh mine, tell me fast” Sarah’s voice had an urgency that seemed to mock at Mickey’s words.

Mickey kept staring at the distant shores of Elephanta Island from the Sea Lounge of Taj Mahal Hotel
The immaculately attired waiter set up the table for the masala tea they had ordered.

“Is he going to propose to me?” Sarah’s anxiety soared. They had been going steady for the last six months.
Today is going to be the day, then!

Mickey’s eyes were transfixed on the strands of Sarah’s hair that had strayed onto her forehead
“You know, Mickey” Sarah ventured, “You are a damned lousy nut” and promptly flashed her smile.
He poured some tea into her cup. The aroma of freshly ground spices filled the air.
“Hmm, that smells so overpowering” Sarah took a deep breath.
“Well, your smile is more overpowering “

Why is he testing me?
Sarah straightened her hair back into the loose bun. Mickey hated her bun. Loose hair suited her face more.
His eyes darted across the far end of the lounge where a couple that looked like American was going through the amorous routine.
“Try cooing in my ears, instead, you Dumbo” Sarah wished.
PDA was not Mickey’s forte.
“Well?” The large eyes of a typical Bengali girl pierced him, prompting him for his confession. A tiny crumb of the cookie fell off from his mouth. He hastened to wipe it off from his shirt- gifted by Sarah.

She remembered the occasion. He was a lousy shopper – never proud of his sartorial sense. She had cajoled him to buy three shirts but he insisted on buying only one.
“Come on, I am going to pay for it, Mickey” Sarah had teased him
“Well, may be next time. I am in no mood to buy a new shirt today”
“Why, what is wrong with today?” Sarah was quick to confront him. “Some inauspicious day or something?”
‘Ha Ha. Not really. It is only….”
“… that I am in no mood, my boss almost chewed me up today in the office. Is that so?” Sarah completed the sentence for him.
“You know, Sarah, sometimes you have an illusion of being a smart girl”
“Absolutely, when I am in the company of nuts – like you”
“Ok, try this one “ and pushed him to the trial room.
As soon as he slipped inside, the door showed the sign of ‘Engaged” popping up outside.
She saw a girl slip into the adjoining trial room and the ‘engaged’ sign appeared on her door too.

“Congratulations, Mickey” She welcomed him as he came out of the trial room, clumsily wearing the new shirt that still had the brand labels peeping out
“I haven’t bought it yet, you silly girl”
“No. I congratulated you for getting engaged to that girl in the adjoining trial room”
“Poor Joke”
“But the shirt looks dandy on you”
“I am not so sure” Mickey contorted his face in disapproval
“Now, look who is talking? Are you serious? I just love it”
She made him buy that shirt.

The Sea lounge had started filling up and the amorous couple, blocked by other guests, was no longer visible.

“Ok, enough is enough. “ Sarah resumed her grilling
“What” he asked innocently.
“The confession?”

…….. to be continued

man in white dress shirt sitting beside woman in brown sleeveless top
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