The Deliverance of Martin as yet

August 1971, Martin stood 

among the delirious crowd, 

watching  alien musician so cute

Perform on a strange esoteric lute;

Madison Square Garden, blasting

Boisterous Unkempt young guys fling

their hands up swaying to 

the alien music transfixed

The long bearded boy, reeked 

of marijuana, turned and kissed

the screaming girl by his side,

holding her in a tight embrace.

‘A miracle taking place here’

declared celebrated musician

with a benign smile and curly hair,

launching into a crescendo so fair

‘A whole new country carved out;

delivered, thank my music, far out

May 2020, Martin Jr.  stood, alone 

At the same spot, on, forlorn

A dark and black night, to pray 

not for some people far away,

But for the deliverance of men

and women of his ilk, forty-nine

years later, miracle yet to happen

Oh the land of opportunity, dreams

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