The Sangeet Sammelan

The auditorium situated in the posh locality of the city was gradually getting filled. “Hey, Mohanbhai, what a pleasant surprise? You? Attending the classical program today?” “Actually, I was visiting my brother-in-law, Ramesh Rathod, here and he insisted that I come along. He is very much into music, you know” Mohanbhai smiled. “Oh, how nice? … More The Sangeet Sammelan

The Deliverance of Martin as yet

August 1971, Martin stood  among the delirious crowd,  watching  alien musician so cute Perform on a strange esoteric lute; Madison Square Garden, blasting Boisterous Unkempt young guys fling their hands up swaying to  the alien music transfixed The long bearded boy, reeked  of marijuana, turned and kissed the screaming girl by his side, holding her in … More The Deliverance of Martin as yet