ABBA – I have a dream – karaoke/ Bajaoke version on Pratham Tarang

Here is my own version of Karaoke that I have named “Bajaoke”!  Simply put, I have used the karaoke track of a popular ABBA song to play along, instead of sing along.

You have so far watched me play all the songs, complete with prelude, interludes and other effects. This is a new experiment where I am outsourcing the rest! I am so used to play the preludes and interludes that my fingers instinctively move to these notes only to retract in a fraction of a second.

My all-time favourite Swedish pop group ABBA burst in to the music scene in the Seventies and took even the Indian aficionados by storm. I was no exception. Earlier this year I posted one ABBA song ‘Chiquitita” on my YouTube channel that drew comparison with an old Hindi Film song. Some discerning followers of my YouTube channel loved it.

Enjoy the ‘Bajaoke version of “I have a dream..” by ABBA

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