Ehesan Tera Hoga Mujh Par

(The Pratham Tarang YouTube link is right at the end of this text and pictures)

What can one say about this velvety romantic song?

I tried this song on my Pratham Tarang for the umpteenth time in my life at the Vadodara Baithak on Feb 20 earlier this year.

Must confess I get involved in the song irretrievably and so does the audience that included the renowned classical vocalist Shri Rajesh Kelkar jee of the music school of M. S. University of Baroda. The song was a part of the marathon session of about 3 hours that evening. I played the song at a leisurely pace to underscore the finer nuances of the unforgettable composition that makes people sing along unabashedly.

One of my favourite composers Shanker Jaikishan set this song in the raga Yaman Kalyan that uses the shuddha Madhyam as well, in a sparing way.

Tumane mujhako hasnaa sikhaayaa …. The incomparable Mohammad Rafi brings out the contradictions so effectively that in the next line the audience can’t help wiping their eyes.

Both the interludes are different, as you can see, on plain mandolin followed by the burst of violins from the 100 + piece-orchestra of SJ.

Tushar, the young tabla accompanies ably supported me.

Hope you bear with my occasional facial contortions in the video. In a way that means I was involved, absolutely.

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