THE CONSUMMATION Audio Visual Musical Narration

Here is a new experiment to convert my short story “The Consummation” in to a friendlier version that combines the text with Narration+Picture+Audio music.

The unusual story reflects the dilemma faced by the life partner of a celebrated Classical Musician who has just died. I have attempted to narrate the relationship between the Guru and his disciple and that between Guru’s disciple and the wife of the Guru.

The pictures in the slides rhyme with the events/ emotions as read/ narrated in the particular side

The Music you hear is my Pratham Tarang, appropriate to the events / emotions in the particular side

The narration is by……none other than “Yours Truly” – Rajendra Naik

A Power Point Presentation converted to a Video

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    1. Thanks, Dr. Sahab. It is all due to goodwill of friends and well wishers like you. My two other English novels were published last great by a publishing house called Notion Press of Delhi.

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