Musiconfusion at Zoom concert 

This episode  on the Zoom ran into some anticipated start-up issues that ranged from relevant to entirely irrelevant ones such as:

Ok we are live – (one can hear a collective sigh)

What about the clutter around the stage? – never mind

Rajenbhai, the artiste, thinks aloud, ‘I should have applied some whitening cream on my face – anyway..’

How is the sound? Just move the camera a bit closer

Rajenbhai please hold the microphone close to your mouth

Oh, what is that irritating chit-chat going on somewhere in the room?

No, the chit chat is at someone’s home, not here. 

Arey, everyone please mute your microphone

Ok, let us test the sound, Rajenbhai, please play something and you, Surendrabhai, play some rhythm – just to check, you know?

The over anxious Rajenbhai launches into some esoteric alaap in raga Pahadi – no no , let Surendra bhai play some thekas

Rajenbhai shows a thumbs up sign to comply with  the command from the mega host

Hey, hey hey, what is that folding metal chair doing there – Yogibhai is done with his opening lines! Out!!

Overheard, ‘Rajenbhai should have put on some bright coloured Indian Kurta’ – you know these so called artistes – very whimsical indeed. What to do? Get on with it now’

Right when things appear to be under control, the mega host is still not happy, he comes up with a general command ‘I can still hear some chit-chat from there, stop it, will you?’

Yogibhai, once again settles down in the chair that is thankfully still visible, and now the command is directed at him, ‘Yogibhai, please ensure that there is no chit-chat from some people in the house’

Yogibhai takes the bull by the horns and politely reminds everyone to ’mute’ their microphones

So now, we can start…..

Jai ho, technology … Zoom barber zoom  

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