November 19 is the International Men’s Day

Aha ! Fun loving human males celebrating their manhood on the eve of my birthday, Nov 20 ! Waiting for the birth of the messiah! (Just kidding, Guys ! )           

What more can I possibly ask ? That works out to more than half the population of the world. But what about the other half? In many cases, the better halves? That indeed would be exciting, wouldn’t it? Well, the International Women’ Day is March 8, a good  256 days ahead of Men. Common, men, what made you so laggards? 

On 8 March, 1914, there was a women’s suffrage march in London, calling for women’s right to vote, at which high-profile campaigner Sylvia Pankhurst was arrested. 

It’s a pity men didn’t have to march for suffrage. They just got it on a silver platter – from? Men of course, you silly! 

Can I  now  get on with preparations for my birthday tomorrow ?                               

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