My blog Music, Musing and more…  a makeover is long over due

My journey on ‘Music, Musings and more’ started one glorious morning more than 6 years ago. Thank my lovely girls for that. Never imagined it will make 23046 viewers sit up and actually read my 224 blogs. 

I marvel at the 151 followers and 184 other subscribers for their sheer tenacity – harbouring a wish that someday they would read my blog that would change the world… oh no! Let me see how many years I have in my kitty to accomplish that heroic feat.

Well, no one has given me that specific hint in any of the 922 comments that hit me in the last six years but .. it clearly implies that, firstly, my messy blog page needs a makeover – long overdue. 

Yes, I understand. Rejoice, guys, this is being done, give me a few days. You can expect to see many other changes – such as film version of some of my short stories, audio versions and many more.

I do not know how many years I have but finally the age does catch up. Going that extra mile to send messages on WhatsApp and entice you to click and read my blog is becoming increasingly time-consuming and energy-sapping. 

Secondly, those of you who wait for my WhatsApp, Instagram or Linked-In message about my new blog posted on the refurbished website will do me a world of good if you just scroll down to the bottom right of my home page and tick there to become my follower. All you need to do is to tick and write your email address. Easy! 

Thank you, my new followers! Won’t you be one of these?

Rajendra Naik

2 thoughts on “My blog Music, Musing and more…  a makeover is long over due

  1. I don’t know how many years are left, but I am helping you to save energy by becoming a follower. In return, I hope you outlive me 🙂

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