We have no other branches

‘We have no other branches’ a big poster at the entrance of a non-descript garment store greets you as you enter. The mediocre range of clothing leaves you bemused.  Why in the world do they have to shout from the rooftop. But wait, it has a message, it makes you think that their products are so good that ordinary charlatans are tempted to copy their name and stock similar products. So ye old customers, don’t get fooled.

Another ploy: You enter a store and despite the best efforts by the salesman on the counters you don’t like anything and walk off! But wait, the owner, watching the whole drama stops you, ‘Sir, you didn’t like the stuff?’ 

“O, well, you just shrug and try to walk out”

That is when the owner takes over. He shouts mild obscenities at the salesman and even stops nothing short of slapping him, ‘don’t you know your job? Why didn’t you show the esteemed customer THOSE”

The salesman duly apologises. The owner calls you back, ‘Sir, I am so sorry the salesman is a new one. Come and have a look at this latest range – and they are at a special discount for you”

You reluctantly go back into the shop, feeling sorry for the poor salesman who took a hit – just for you!”

In the next 15 minutes you walk out with garments stuffed in attractive plastic bags, smiling happily at the customer friendly owner who gives you that 1000 watt smile back.

You see it was all a drama, carefully orchestrated to make you feel important and gullible to buy the garments at an inflated price. 

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  1. Your observation is spot on. Most management graduates are not a patch on these street smart experts. They have a perfect understanding of customer psychology, too.

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