World Whiskey Day – Post Palsana

The episode of Harish bhai successfully herding me to the famous farsaan shop – Jai Ambe Farsan- on the fateful morning Harish bhai got emboldened yesterday. 

“Rajen bhai, what are you doing tomorrow?” Harishbhai’s question was a loaded one. I better be careful this time.

“Oho Harishbhai!” I expressed a fake surprise, ‘, kind of busy”

“Now don’t tell me you are busy on the World Whiskey Day, tomorrow, May 20 th”

I knew something huge was going to hit me.

“Well, I know what a whiskey is but World Whiskey Day – sounds a bit far-fetched. Where is the need to create an awareness of the benefits of whiskey?” I blurted out.

“You are and will remain a stickler of the right etiquette. Try and relax tomorrow”

‘But … Gujarat is a dry….”

“Never mind. We will go to Daman’ 

“You know, Harishbhai … I am a teetotaler” I thought I settlerd ther argument.

‘Not so soon, Rajenbhai, I know you are a God damned … what do you call it? Teetotaler

‘Aha…. Great. So you can carry on with your Whiskey lover friends, go to Daman, … Timbaktu.. wherever you fancy” , relieved, I patted myself for being so diplomatic

“You have to come with us, you can have your mocktail but come you must”

The only risk – that of being caught by the traffic policeman or the prohibition gang on the way back but it was Hari…….sh ichchha.  

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