Bali – here I come!

Bali is not all beaches. It is tranquility, happiness, serenity, smiling faces, imposing images of Gods watching from every direction,

For a pleasantly finicky fellow like me, Bali meant meticulous adherence to rood discipline despite no policeman in sight, orderliness, gentle behavior in public, devoid of skirmishes, immaculate concern for environment, and the best of all, grand welcome to all tourists.

This was my second visit to Bali, after 25 years. The traffic has visibly grown over the two decades but motoring around Den Pasar through the narrow two-lane winding streets, with no irritating honking, no swear words, no road rage, – folks, there is a lot to learn from the Balinese people.

Feeling the urge to use the road side loo?  You are asked to pay up between 3000 – 5000 Rupees… oops IND, Indonesian Rupiahs! A rupee rules like a king there – one rupee fetches you almost 180 IND. A US $ will get you a hefty 14500 IND.

Crystal clear water beckons you at the heavenly beaches, enticing you to jump in and feel the waves caress you.

So, stop googling Bali – just pack your bag and air dash toward Bali.

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