Silent Harmony: Mere ye sur aur tere ye geet

A tribute to Ranju on her seventh death anniversary – July 11, 2023

January 23, 2016 -She epitomized the expression ‘harmony’ while singing with my rendition of ‘Rasik Balama’, standing respectfully at a distance in the hall, eyes fixed on me trying to coax out the exact microtones of the Shuddha Kalyan raga-based immortal song from Chori Chori, on the stage.

Totally oblivious of the video camera temporarily focused on her and the man with the beard observing her close by, one can decipher a cosmic connection with my notes through her eyes and humming the lyrics of the song, as if nothing around her mattered, nothing at all, except the music wafting out of her lover’s instrument and striking her, only for her it seemed. 

In the final moments of the song, she wakes up from her trance like posture when the bearded man bursts into an expression of appreciation. Dazed, she at once blushes and then acknowledges the gesture and reverts to her involvement, nonchalantly in total harmony with the notes emanating from the instrument. The smile is a blend of her acknowledgement, her joy she does not want to deprive herself of and live the moment of her life that alas got extinguished less than six months from that day. 

She lives on, with my music whenever I play, wherever I play, teasing me to someday reach out to the seven coloured rainbow she had gone beyond. That’s harmony!

Rajen, July 11, 2023

4 thoughts on “Silent Harmony: Mere ye sur aur tere ye geet

    1. Like you rightly mentioned, in your words, she lives on, and will continue to do so, in harmony with your music!!
      Like music, your words to touch the chords, leaving a deep impact!
      Beautiful tribute…. . . .

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