Shin shinaki boobla boo !

Shin shinaki boobla boo ! 

Yes, incredible as it may sound but that is the name of a movie – an old movie with a fantasy story of Shin Shinaki (played by actress Rehana) who is looking to avenge the murder of her parents. She is supported in her mission by her lover, the bandit Boobla Boo played by Ranjan.

Don’s ask me if I have seen this movie. But, but , but…..It has one of the most melodious songs composed by none other than Chitalkar jee – that is C. Ramchndra for you, guys.

Don’t believe me? Click on this link

Tum kyaa jano tumhari yaad mein kam kitana roye..

What a honey voice, what a composition, and the lyrics! By some Pyarelala Santoshi. May the Almighty bless their souls, for the song is the most outstanding piece of composition. 

I have only attempted to play the first few lines of the heavenly song. The whole song? Maybe in a few days from now. Watch out for it.

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