Dilemma of ageing


My first blog now appears to be a bunch of homilies and sermons that you can mock at. Interestingly, I found that the advancing age does seem to give me a license to dish out such homilies, citing the number of Diwalis that I have lived through. Sometimes I can’t help falling into this trap and secretly hope that no one will question me. I wonder if that happens to many.

An occasional drink makes me feel liberated enough to speak out something that normally I do not. In the mildly inebriated state, the urge to translate any stray thought, opinion overtakes my sensibilities and I just speak out, swiftly realizing the folly of whatever I did.

Is advancing age similar to the mildly inebriated state?

That is the feeling I get when confronted with a situation that I tend to speak out.

That is the baggage that I guess everyone accumulates with ageing.

A similar dilemma hits me when deciding between enjoyment and doing the right thing.  Do I just sit back leisurely and watch some silly movie on the TV or utilize the spare time in practicing my music to raise the bar?

There is no denying that fingers move in a more supple manner, creating clearer melody, less noise.

2 thoughts on “Dilemma of ageing

  1. I, too, noticed I had started commenting or giving opinions that I normally wouldn’t, post-40. Then post-50, I started dispensing them even more, maybe bluntly. Wonder what will happen post 60?!

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