Rain, Sun and Rainbow

The weather today here in Melbourne, termed as miserable, will qualify as an exhilarating day in India. Nice, overcast, cloudy; freedom from oppressive heat that otherwise seems to tag along the whole year around in most part of India

“I beg your pardon, I never promised you a rose garden,

Along with the sunshine, there’s gotta be a little rain sometime…” croons Lynn Anderson – a popular American country song of yesteryears.

Just the opposite in India!

सफर मे धुप तो होगी जो चल सको तो चलो,
सभी हैं भीड़ में तुम भी निकल सको तो चलो,sings Chitra Singh

Why is man averse to enjoy what lies in front of him?

There seems to be some conspiracy here! While I am struggling to upload my write up, the sun broke through the clouds, lo and behold, there is a rainbow!

A blog by RajendraNaik.com
Rain, Sun and Rainbow in Melbourne, Australia. A blog by RajendraNaik.com

7 thoughts on “Rain, Sun and Rainbow

  1. My sentiments exactly – bring on the rain! And the songs are great reminders of how relationships go.

  2. Talk about Rain. Here in Oregon we have rain. From Oct to Apr, every day. almost every hour.
    Rainbows are common. One can see them at least once a week depending on the direction one is heading.
    for most Oregonians, it is nuisance. prevents them for having barbeque in the back yard.
    I love it. Everything is so clean, trees, air and even the cars. The tree have moss and multiple species of vegetation growing on them. Everything is extra green, it seems. The fall colors double as the trees have their reflections on the streets, parking lots because of constantly present water. At night it is magical.
    Perhaps if I was living here, it could be nuisance. At the present, heaven could not be a whole lot different.

  3. Unlike countries that get rain throughout the year, in India, rains bring a lot of happiness: greenery all around, flowing waters and rivers, happy tidings and hopes for the next year!

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