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The curt reply from Gabby hurt her. Is she telling me the truth? Why should Mickey get into all that mess? Is Mickey being blackmailed by Gabby? By Mossad? Why can’t they handle it themselves?

“So what do you want me to do now, other than disappearing from your life?” Sarah choked with emotions, unable to figure out the mess

Gabby took her hand lovingly “Oh baby, this is going to be only for a short while”
“Aha, what if it turns out to be a dead end for Mickey? Do YOU take the responsibility?” Sarah felt sorry to have uttered the repulsive word ‘dead end’
Mickey tried to calm her down, “Sarah, an organization as reputed as Mossad …”
“…as ruthless…” Sarah’s interjected, her eyes welling up
“Just listen to me. I am a trained commando and I know how to handle such situation. In the time that we spent together, we haven’t had a chance to discuss my past but believe me it is an honour for me to get this assignment, especially to save the lives of people and prevent destruction of monuments. Nothing will happen to me.” Sarah heard Mickey speaking so emphatically for the first time since they met
Gabby nodded.

“What about your birthday on Nov 26 next week?” Sarah wiped her eyes

“I will take this” Gabby responded,“No one really knows what actually may or may not happen. Our job is to get to the bottom of this and prevent the occurrence of such a calamity should it happen…..”

Gabby and Sarah noticed Mickey frantically trying to get his mobile phone out from his trouser pocket, with his eyes riveted to the Sea Lounge entrance door

“Shit, they got away” Mickey blurted out, holding his mobile phone in his hand

“What the hell…..” Sarah suddenly realized that the game was on already and she better keep out of it.

Both Mickey and Gabby bolted towards the entrance door. Sarah tossed Rs 1000 bills on the table and followed them.

As Gabby rushed down the ornate, winding staircase Mickey helped Sarah get down to the ground floor safely.

They found Gabby, panting just outside the main gate facing the sea. “They got away, they got away”

Mickey swiftly hailed a black-yellow Bombay’s iconic cab and literally shoved Sarah into the back seat, instructing the driver to take her to Worli Sea face.

It happened just too fast for Sarah to comprehend.

Who did they sight? Terrorists? My God? She looked back and saw Mickey holding Gabby’s hand and running towards the Gateway of India.
The onlookers were thrilled at this Bollywood type of chase in the middle of the street.

“It is hopeless, Mickey” Gabby sat down on a large stone near the Gateway of India monument.
“There were two of them, keeping a watch apparently on you and me”

Mickey whipped out his phone and dialed.
“Hey David, you were right. Some suspicious characters were tailing me but they slipped away”
David Levin, the chief of security at the Consulate of Israel, digested the bad news with a characteristic aplomb.

Now what? They decided to walk back to the Sea Lounge.

“Is everything all right” the smart head-steward asked him as he re-entered the lounge.
“Who were those people? “ Mickey just took a chance. How would the head-steward know? Hundreds of guests keep filing in and out

“Oh, you mean the guys who left a while ago?”
“Yes of course. Do you know them?” Mickey’s hopes instantly soared
“Sort of….; the two guys have been coming here almost daily. Viewing the architecture, taking pictures of the grand hotel… you know “
“But…” Mickey stopped short of divulging more about his real mission to a stranger
“Sir, for the last one week I have been arriving at the main hotel sharp at 3 PM and these guys have been regular visitors. Once when I was coming from the Gateway of India direction I saw them emerging from a boat with heavy camera equipment.”
“Did you ever talk to them?”
“Yes. As a matter of fact I exchanged pleasantries with them as they stopped by at the local Leopold café nearby. “

“But why do you ask, Sir?”

Mickey, ignored the question, turned back and headed towards Leopold Café along with Gabby.

As they neared the popular café he saw them, enjoying coffee and something that looked like muffins.
Both of them quietly slipped into the Café , unnoticed by the two guys and resumed their vigil. Taking pictures here out in the open would be risky. Besides, he could only see their backs.
One of them took out what appeared to be his cell phone and mumbled something that was drowned in the noise inside.
Mickey’s trained eyes did not miss the peculiar features of the phone from a distance. It wasn’t a cell phone! How could such people with strange features carry such expensive satellite phone?

Suddenly his own phone rang.
It was Sarah!
“Very well enacted drama, Mickey” Sarah was unconvinced about his mission.
“Oh no, not at this time. I wouldn’t be able to talk”
“He hastily cupped his mouth near the phone and whispered “ I am absolutely fine dear. Please do not call me right now”
Mickey snapped the conversation off.

It rang again. He was about to press the red button then he saw David’s name.
Mickey briefly described what had been happening with them in the Café.
“Take their picture – somehow. It is important” the commanding voice at the other end could not be ignored.
“Ok, let me see”
“Hey’ he hailed a waiter; “Do me a favor, man. Take our photo as I walk across that painting on the wall right there”

“Sure” the waiter smiled, grabbed his cell phone,
and walked through the narrow passage between the shady characters and a large painting at the other side. He had asked the waiter to shoot from the front of the duo presumably to snap him up walking across.

Apparently it seemed to be a regular feature for the waiter who obliged Mickey. He handed a bill of Rs 100 to the waiter and exited from the Café unobtrusively, making sure he didn’t face the two guys

Oh but Gabby must still be in the Café ? He looked back to find her chair empty. God, where is she?

“I am here. Right behind you, Mickey” Gabby had slipped out of the Café from other door and quietly rejoined Mickey

Mickey forwarded the photo to David.

Out in fresh air, the first thing Mickey did was to call Sarah.
“What the hell do you think you are doing, Mickey? You owe me an explanation’ a furious Sarah lambasted Mickey
“Calm down, dear. You can buy the rest of the two shirts for my birthday next week, See you soon..”

Mickey had to disconnect the phone on hearing the call-waiting alert.

“That was so very important Mickey. Good job “ The joy in David’s voice was evident

End of episode 2 – to be continued

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  1. I have a suspicion after reading the second part that you’re going to make this Saras girl a treacherous lover…some anti-social ally of the terrorists or under cover agent.
    Let’s see, the second part was more of action than emotions.

    1. Well, well, well. Here is a classic case of carrying coal to Newcastle!. The reader is giving me interesting ideas to explore! Yes, I welcome all ideas. The story should not degenerate into a plain action thriller. Rather it should explore deep human emotions. Let us see what whimsical ideas I am able to shore up for the next few episodes

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