4 thoughts on “Raga Pahadi on Pratham Tarang – Concert at Bharuch

  1. Dear Rajen,

    I must compliment you for going beyond “Musings” to posting “Music” on your webpage. I am not sure what we can expect in “More” but knowing your persona, it would be something we can wait for.

    I enjoyed listening to all the three clips you posted.




    1. Arun, you are an invaluable asset for whimsical people like me who try parade their mediocre creation in front of unabashedly applauding friends like you. Music and musings are fairly easy to understand but ‘more’? A bit difficult, I dare say. In the years gone by there used to be a tariff 68 for excise where all the items not covered under any other category were clubbed under 68. Get me now? Life is too short to wait for anything. Just get on with it and enjoy whatever is available

  2. Dear Rajenbhai,

    Enjoyed all your performances (Rasm-e-ulfat, Diwani Mastani and Pahadi) very much.

    Rajnikant Vyas

    On Thu, 26 Sep 2019 at 16:45, Musings, Music & More wrote:

    > rajendranaik posted: “https://youtu.be/APdjKIFLanA” >

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