The Sangeet Sammelan

Musings, Music & More

The auditorium situated in the posh locality of the city was gradually getting filled.

“Hey, Mohanbhai, what a pleasant surprise? You? Attending the classical program today?”

“Actually, I was visiting my brother-in-law, Ramesh Rathod, here and he insisted that I come along. He is very much into music, you know” Mohanbhai smiled.

“Oh, how nice? Everyone knows Ramesh Rathod. Good, good. You are in for a big treat. The great sarangi player Mohamed Khan is going to perform. And you know what? The equally great Aslam Hussain is on the tabla!”

“That is all very good. I haven’t heard of either of them but I hope I can catch up with some of my friends here” Mohanbhai looked around for his friends

Back in the green room:

Mohamed Khan was in a foul mood. His dozen strings just wouldn’t tune properly.

“Arey, dekho” he called out the guy carrying the…

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