The Name of the Game

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The agony of finding your name stored in the memory of the mobile phones of your friends is unworthy of experiencing. Your friends have a right to make it easy for them to find your name when they feel the urge to call you. After all, if your name is so universal such as Rohit or Sunil how can they possibly find you in a jiffy from an unending list of Rohits or Sunils?

Shuvir, my friend, always ends up calling me when he least intends to. Hearing the voice of some other Rajendra, before he starts giving me an explanation I start reciting for him “Sorry Rajendra I thought I had dialed one other friend of mine whose name is also Rajendra”.

Shuvir is always in a hurry to press the green button as soon he hits the first Rajendra in his phone list. For heaven’s sake it is not Shuvir‘s fault but it is the invisible bond that my parents share with the parents of the other Rajendras who named their child as Rajendra many years ago.


I loathe using my friend’s mobile phone even in emergencies. The phone list of his mobile may embarrassingly mention my name as “Rajendra Boring” The moral of the story – not to pry into other’s mobile phone list. You may be shocked to see your name tagged with some unpleasant trait that you are endowed with.


I am nobody to question the wisdom of Shakespeare who famously said, “What is in a name… A rose…” – you know the rest don’t you?

He never had to contend with the ubiquitous mobile phones. Evidently he had an endless list of admirers. How would he have listed hundreds of Johns, Peters in his phone list? The trick is to skip the last name and insert something that flashes the mental image of the listed friend together with some easily identifiable personality trait. Just like ‘bore’ in my case!

4 thoughts on “The Name of the Game

  1. Hello Sitapathy, thanks for stopping by my new blog. Like all my blogs these are observations – my name appears incidentally as an example. I have not checked anyone’s phone list. Besides, I may be identified as a musician by you but for someone else he / she may like to have a mental image of me as a bore – likely; isn’t it? Each person we know can be categorized differently by different et of people and they are free to store my name in any label they remember me. Cheers

  2. Rajendra kaka, its interesting how you can pen down this simple everyday effort of finding names through a mobile phone in a fun way !

    1. Thanks Trishna. Such ideas come to my mind all the time – unusual situations that most people experience. There are more similar blogs posted earlier. However, my stories are based on some occurrence that are expanded using my imganition.

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