I will drink to that

The age old glass

Half full or half empty?

What do I care?

Look at the beautiful glass,

Look at the light streaking through;

Are you sure it is water?

Or some rare nectar?

Just for you?

Could it be poison?

Offered by some Maharana

so crooked? I swear


No no, not the one that

Meera gulped down,

for her eternal lover;

Now, wait a second

Why has there been

not a single male,

who dared to take some deity

as his lover?

Afraid of the society, you know?

How can a Devi be the lover

of a man in flesh and blood?

My Gosh isn’t this blasphemy!!


Perhaps some day,

A man will actually stake

a claim for his divine lover,

And gleefully drink the poison

that people will proffer.table-glass-1637603


I will drink to that,

Even half full


Rajen Naik

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